Energy for the Future Powering People Anywhere

Powering People Anywhere

By only using air and either hydrogen or methanol, our fuel cells produce electricity with a minimum of CO2 emission and without any other pollution. Fuel cell technology is ideal for storing electricity produced by e.g. wind turbines and solar cells – a sustainable and renewable combination, which we believe to be the energy solution for the future.

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Micro Combined Heat & Power (µCHP)

We believe µCHP to be the vital key to creating a totally renewable energy system - reducing emission and dependence on fossil fuels.

DMFC Generator

Easy to use in remote areas, our DMFC is a green alternative to applications that are powered by batteries or diesel generators today.

STACK Components

We design and supply components for both DMFC and PEM Fuel Cells including top quality MEAs - the very heart of a fuel cell.


On-site hydrogen production, once and for all, stops the transportation of truckloads of metal containers, which contain only a limited supply of hydrogen.